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Every enterprise operates in an environment. The business would have not functioned without the society that accommodates the practice. Giving back to society through a welfare charitable social programme as one of the core values of our company. Service to society that will transform lives and a way of giving back to society.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Rotimax Integrated Services Limited; a pest control/fumigation company in collaboration with Alcochem Hygiene; the supplier of Integrated Pest Management products, has donated a borehole water plant to Isolo community in Akure, Ondo State. The organization observed the need of the people of Isolo community,hence, took it upon itself to assist them as they were in dire need of clean water.

The commissioning of the project took place on Sunday 27th June, 2021 and the event was witnessed by the CEO of Rotimax Integrated Services Limited and members of the community.

During the opening speech at the event, the CEO of the company: Dr Tolu Caleb said, “Giving back to society is one of their core values and it is rewarding to see their efforts create true impact.”

Although Nigeria is rich in water resources, access to clean potable water is one of the challenges facing several rural communities. According to WHO, “About 63 million Nigerians do not have access to improved drinking water sources, and only 42% of households in rural areas have access to safe drinking water.”.

The project cost the company some millions, Caleb said, adding that his company has a lot of CSR programmes lined up for subsequent years, including paying medical bills for indigent patients. In conclusion of his speech, the CEO of the benevolent company emphasized the need for more organizations to rise up and be our great assistance to society to make it a better place. “We cannot afford to wait for the government, YES, everyone has a role to play.”

La mia esperienza con Flagyl è che, come esatto, non ci sono molti casi in cui ci sia pericolosità per altri. E in genere è stato ben tolto da questa causa.

The Chairman of the Irepodun residents association, Pastor Wole Oniyere expressed happiness for the gesture.